A roofbox revolution.

The roofbox of the future with a vision of spacefull living.

Ever heard of a roofbox that fits under your bed?

It is big on your car, but small in your home. With a unique invention, we bring revolution to your future dreams of traveling.

Just make it soft and roll.

Roofbox revolution

From the roof of your car to your closet. A Swedish invention that will change our view of how we look at roof boxes.

It is compact. It is big. It is smart. It is sustainable.

It is the safest box on the market. 

With a one-of-a-kind design and the many benefits that ordinary roof boxes do not come close to – We are finally saying goodbye to the mossy boring era of plastic, clumsy roof boxes.

Our roof box is designed for your needs. You can custom-make the colours to match your car. It contains a large amount of packing volume, it is easy to assemble, protects your gear with the soft inside and – the most important one – it fits everywhere in your home no matter how small you live.


Fold the insides of the Twistbox and place the lid over to the sides to make it flat.


Make it soft by twisting the stabilizing invention and rolling it up to 35cm.


Can you believe it? It is done.

Just store it under your bed or in the closet for the next use.

Nice design

Custom made for your car.

Smart Storage

Store it anywhere.

Safety first

Safest roof box on the market.

Swedish Invention

Patented invention.

A revolution in roofboxes. Swedish innovation at it’s essence.