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Complete safety information


1.1 Check before and during travel i appropriate intervals (depending on condition of the carriageway) that the roof box is in place firmly attached to the load carrier, the load is sufficiently secured, the roof box is locked.

1.2 Check that the roof box is closed.

1.3 Check that all load and all brackets are in proper condition if the roof box is left unattended.

1.4 Cargo not secured sufficiently or cargo holders and Twistboxes that are not mounted correctly can come off underneath the journey and lead to serious accidents!

1.5 Pay attention to changed height measurements as well as if the car changes its driving behaviour (side wind sensitivity, cornering and braking behavior) with fitted and in particular loaded carrier/ Twistboxes. Outside of Twistboxes, no load is received be placed.

1.6 The car’s maximum permissible total weight is not allowed exceeded. Car manufacturer’s instructions with regard to maximum roof load shall considered:

1.7 Calculation of existing roof load: the weight of the cargo carrier + Twistbox weight + load weight = existing roof load

1.8 The speed of the vehicle must always be adapted to the load being transported and according to prevailing driving conditions, such as type of road, road quality, wind conditions, traffic density and speed limits. Speed limits and others traffic rules must always be followed.

1.9 Twistboxes must be cleaned and carefully cared for, especially during the winter months. Use exclusively a solution consisting of water and a cleaning agent available in the trade without alcohol, chlorine or ammonia addition, as this leads to the fact that the surface of the Twistbox can be damaged.


2.1 The car height can increase by up to 500 mm (depending on carrier)

2.2 Be careful at low garage entrances or low viaducts, low hanging branches etc.

2.3 The wind can cause noise.

2.4 In an automatic car wash, Twistboxes shall and the load holder is removed.

2.5 In addition to the instructions herein the user’s manual must also be that of the cargo carrier assembly instructions and the car manufacturer’s instructions are observed!

2.6 To save energy and for others road users’ safety must Twistboxes and the load carrier is removed when they are not is used.

2.7 For your own safety shall only approved load carriers that are allowed on your car used.

2.8 Twistboxes must be mounted with the front facing forwards in the car direction of travel as it has a reinforced front.

2.9 To prevent Twistboxes from being lifted upward, it must be mounted without angle of inclination (as parallel as possible with the carriageway).

2.10 About no special mounting positions specified in the assembly instructions must a minimum distance of 700 mm between the load carrier arches is sought. Please note that a modification of Twistboxes fastening device (e.g. extra drill hole) is not allowed.


3.1 This user manual must be kept and is carried along with the car’s instruction manual. All changes of assembly kits and on Twistboxes, such as the use of other spare parts or accessories other than the manufacturer’s, leads to the manufacturer’s warranty and liability for damage to materials or accidents due! Therefore follow the instructions in this manual and use only supplied original parts. Should parts be lost or worn out, use only original spare parts such as can be ordered from the dealer or the manufacturer.

3.2 To ensure a quick spare parts delivery and avoid time-consuming complaints, we ask you to always indicate where it was purchased when ordering of spare parts and requests respectively.

3.3 Twistboxes should not be stored outdoors there it is exposed to, for example, rain and direct sunlight as the fabric can be bleached by the sun over time.

3.4 The manufacturer is not responsible for damages and accidents caused by disregarding the instructions for use, modification of parts or use of parts other than original spare parts from the manufacturer.