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Why Choose Twistboxes?

Twistboxes is a unique Rooftop Cargo Carrier for your car, and we have found a completely new market to present it in: as it targets everyone with a car, no matter how small or big you live.

Live small, travel big.

1. Increased margin

Offer your customers a premium product with better margins compared to traditional alternatives.

2. Save store space

Fit up to 9 Twistboxes in only 1 sq meter floor space, all with our designed display stand.

3. Effortless transport

With a low weight of 13.5 kg and a compact carton size of 35 x 35 x 85 cm, it can be conveniently picked up at any collection point.

4. Capital friendly

No large order quantities required – start with only one unit if that suits you business model. Then sell one, buy one – we offert next day delivery (depending on location).

5. Enhanced safety

Our Cargo carrier securely stays in place, even under demanding conditions, outperforming standard Cargo carrier on the market.

6. Scandinavian design

Designed and developed in Scandinavian. Stand out with a product that is not only functional but also aesthetically pleasing.


Our product operates as a standard Rooftop Cargo Carrier, offering a  spacious 520 liters of packing capacity while mounted on your car. When not in use, it conveniently rolls up, occupying just 30 cm of storage space in your home. 

Unlike traditional Rooftop Cargo Carrier, which pose challenges in both shops and warehouses due to their bulky dimensions, our innovative design eliminates these issues. This not only reduces shipping costs but also contributes to environmental conservation.

By choosing our Twistboxes,  you gain access to new customer bases and markets. Additionally, effortlessly showcasing Twistboxes in stores becomes a reality without compromising valuable retail space.

Shop displays & kiosks

Fit up to 9 Twistboxes in less than 1 square meter of space! Our quality stands is available in a low and hight rack models. Integrated with a smart kiosk that can be configured to feet your store needs, see our video on YouTube for mor information.

Still not convinced?

Watch our founder and innovator Mikael Nelderup explain our mission.

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