Live small, travel big.

We have the fundamental belief that design and innovation can make us see the world and beyond.

We want to help you.
We want to help you to get out there in the world and pursuit your dreams and passions. We want it to be easy for you to go on your adventure and then easily return home. 

We make it easy. Twistboxes makes it easy.

How it started

It all started with a longing to see the world and to discover places we have never experienced.  We felt that regardless of where you are or how you live, everyone should have the right to their own adventure. But how? 

Not everyone have the opportunity to bring their stuff with them. And roof boxes? They are just way to clumsy and way to hard to store if you live in a small apartment. Even if you live in a large castle, it takes up space you do not want to sacrifice. 

An idea. An invention. A solution to a problem, is what made us the Twistboxes that you know today. We are on a mission for all the worlds adventures, families and travelers that want to see the world without complications. 

We are starting a new era in traveling. We are making it easier. We are starting the roof box revolution – 
We bring you Twistboxes.

Our promise

Twistboxes makes traveling easy.

We created Twistboxes to make it easier for you, to give you the opportunity to travel and discover the world whether you live large or small. We want to give the freedom to everyone to live their dreams to the fullest. 

Our design philosophy is based on durability, timelessness, aesthetics, versatile functionality, and minimized impact. We promise you that everything we do is playing our part in combating the challenges posed by climate change and social cleavages.

A revolution in roofboxes. Swedish innovation at it’s essence.